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DAZ construction + maintenance is a company with 22 years of operation an experience.

As leader of this organization is the Architect Adan Zamorano, who has working in the construction industry for last 20 years, working with companies like Reckit Beckiser, Magneti Marelli, Frisa, GM, Casas Geo, ICA, Ford Motor Company, Vitro, Secretaría de Gobernación of Mexico, and Distrito Federal Governmet, among others.

DAZ provide services based on design, construction, maintenance and consulting, regarding facilities, civil work, finishes, voice-data systems, ventilation systems, lighting and fire systems.

Our experience of 20 years in the construction area, support us and give us the strength in all aspects, because during this period we have caracterized as a company 100% reliable, as well as for the quality of our finished projects.

DAZ Construcción+Mantenimiento, S. A. de C. V.
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