+ Quality industrial developments.

These three factors are our working standard under wich each project is developed. This has given us the opportunity to obtain a solid growth as a company and turn expand our customer base in the next areas.

Experience in industrial parks, industrial maintenance where we performed the plant of Ford Motor Company, Cuautitlán, and we also provided installation of fire protection system in plants of companies like: General Motors, Vitro, and remodeling industrial complex of FIAT, plant Magnetti Marelli, among others.

It´s estimated that this market segment generates more expectations and demands of maintenance and construction, due to the high demand generated by the large number of industrial parks that exists in the country.



+ Experienced and reliable management

The renovation and design finishes in residential developments, such as Zona Esmeralda and Condado Sayavedra, have given us the experience of an industry that tends to be very competitva in full, has allowed us to understand that quality is a feature that has been completely lost in the construction industry, which creates distrust people when deciding to buy a house, the existence of this problem DAZ has provided the opportunity to provide mantinimiento finishes and high quality, in all cases the customer invariably get total satisfaction.

Maintenance remodeling experience and a set of condominiums with headquarters in southern Mexico City, this is part of the quality we offer, and that the housing be very exclusive and expensive buildings, the quality is taken into account as stone angular efficient work.

Such projects have the mark of excellence and quality of DAZ.




+ Competitive prices

Finally there is the construction, remodeling and home maintenance, despite being a highly competitive field given the large number of individuals and companies that are in this sector, DAZ has generated a large client aware that the quality and manage prices. giving us your trust and recommendation, allowing us to expand our growing market. Certainly it is a sector that can provide short-term returns, and even more when in DAZ, we have characterized by the excellent quality in construction and remodeling at the best price.